Beyorch Digital is building an improved financial eco-system that allows investors to earn more and lower financial risk.  Our platform offers lending and investing with guaranteed transparency through blockchain technology, smart contracts, and algorithmic processes that are executed by Beyorch Digital.

Limited Supply


Max supply is capped at Five Hundred Million tokens.

2% Automatic Liquidity

2% of every trade is locked into Liquidity Pool to create a steadily rising price floor.

Portfolio Growth

Holders of BDIG Tokens will see their investments grow overtime. Our token has reflection which will contribute to a passive share of income to each token holder.



Beyorch Digital’s business model is not dissimilar to that of its parent company Beyorch inc. It allows customers to invest their cryptocurrency for returns, makes loans in dollars to customers who put up cryptocurrency as collateral, and it lends crypto to small businesses, companies, and major institutions that need it. Beyorch Digital offers interest of up to 18 percent per year on crypto deposits and staking, compared to a national average of 0.06 percent savings deposits at traditional banks.
Beyorch Digital Token is backed by merchant loan obligations from its parent company Beyorch Inc., thus strengthening a crucial inefficiency for the crypto world. Investors receive better protection and reliability with performing asset-backed tokens. The innovative model of Beyorch Digital brings the best of both worlds to the crypto community, as well as strong, sustainable value, and total governance in helping make future decisions. Beyorch Digital has found purpose in building an improved financial eco-system that allows investors to earn more and lower financial risk.


Liquidity is most important to us as a Hybrid Merchant Bank. You will see the BDIG Token Liquidity on the various apps that monitor the investments.

Each transaction has a 5% transaction fee applied to it. 2% of that goes straight to the Liquidity wallet. The remaining 2% is distributed among token HODLers, with the remaining 1% going to marketing.

Token Allocation

Tax Fee Allocation

Organization Roadmap Initial Strategic Plan Q3 2021 – Q4 2022

2021 Q3

Jul - Sept 2021

✔ Website Launch

✔ Whitepaper Published

-Social Media Community Building

-Telegram Pinned Posts

2021 Q4

Oct - Dec 2021

- Fair Launch of Token via IDO

- Pancakeswap Listing

- Donate tokens to holders via Twitter and Telegram

- App Development

2022 Q1

Jan - March 2022

- List on Multiple Exchanges

- Staking Program

2022 Q2

Apr - June 2022

- Beta Version Application Launch

- Consumer Loans for Token Holders

2022 Q3

Jul - Sept 2022

- Beyorch Digital Rewards Credit Card

2022 Q4

Oct - Dec 2022

- Full Website and App Launch

- Coins and Tokens Listed on all Major Blockchains

- Tax Review

- Partnerships to expand into new markets